Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day three!

Do you know how long it's been since I've ridden three days in a row?

Me, neither.

Today I remembered the girth extender, and lo and behold, the saddle went on the pony and stayed there. He wasn't terribly pleased. I almost grabbed the longe line, but decided to just go with it. Once again we had wind and turkeys to contend with. And he was still a bit U-shaped on the south end, but nothing like yesterday.

I wasn't quite brave enough to canter, but it probably would have been fine. Still didn't ride him long or hard enough to actually get him to break a working sweat. It was 90' so both of us were a little damp, but nothing like I'd have liked.

Two years ago I did a lot of riding with friends of mine. They'd trailer over and park in the walk-in turnaround on the pheasant place next door - the closest one's right by the end of the driveway, and saddle, and we'd quarter the section over there, or head out down the gravel to see what we could see.
Sunny has a love/hate relationship with their two mares. He loves Sheba, who's indifferent, and hates Misty. She doesn't like him much, either.
Well, even though the pasture gate at that end is closed, Sunny kept heading for it. When he wasn't eying the turkey activity, he was pulling for the gate - I think he actually wanted to go down the road and see if they were there, or was waiting for them to show up. I'm anxious to start some roadwork, too, but not until after a few more rides.

Pluses today:
  • He stood nicely for me to mount.
  • Good whoa.
  • Stood quietly without pulling for grass every time I asked him.
  • Less distracted by the turkeys.
Minus column:
  • Saddling - he knows it means work, and he'd rather try to walk off.
  • Unsaddling - he knows he's going to get grass, and he'd like to eat it RIGHT NOW, thank you very much! Stinker!
So.... I need to come up with a consistent plan and ride it like I mean it every time I ride. I waffle too much. I also need to remember to wear sunblock! Ouch!

I also think I need someone to point out what I'm doing wrong, and what I can work on. Next month I'm heading for my folk's place for a week. If don't know if she's still teaching lessons, but if she is, I'm going to give the lady I used to help out with the Girl Scout summer riding camp a call and see if she can squeeze me in while I'm up there.

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Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

LOL, you sound like me. "Rode 3 days in a row and didn't feel like cantering"... the canter can really be my best or worst gait. Sometimes I just avoid it, especially if Peanut is around!