Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Random stuff and a short ride

The turkeys were back in the north tree grove tonight. I saw them as I drove up and walked down to see if I could get a closer picture. This one was on the inside of the fence - he couldn't figure out how to get through, and ended up running all the way back up the fenceline past the horses and across to the south tree grove.

The horses lined up along the fence to see him speed by.
Notice how brave Sunny is?
He's the last one on the left peering out from behind Thunder. Scary turkey!

It was such a beautiful day, I couldn't resist hopping on for a little while. I rode for probably half an hour - no particular goals in mind, just trotted circles and serpentines and generally fooled around. He was a little resistant here and there, and definitely not as round in the corners as I'd have liked, but for the first ride of the spring, I'll take it. Only one little spook, and I stuck it! :)

I have the day off tomorrow, so I'll take a saddle out with me and do something a bit more ambitious.
A post-ride treat - he's looking a little pumpkin-ish, but he was really good about ignoring the new grass while I was riding so I let him eat for 2o minutes or so while I brushed him.

Mabel has decided T's backpack
is her own personal napping spot.


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