Monday, April 6, 2009

Hay drama

The subject of hay has come up once or twice this winter. Basically, the horses, including mine, have ended up in the middle of a husband/wife debate between G & J over what type of hay gets purchased & how much and where it gets fed. Since I'm doing the feeding (and of course, have my own opinions on all of those topics), I'm catching the fallout along with the ponies.

So last weekend we hit the second bad round bale of the year - not so terrible, two bales out of 25+ they've gone through this winter. It really wasn't that big a deal, the cows were still very happy to eat it, so it wasn't as if it was wasted....

Except that we just had two feet of new snow, which makes pasture out of the question until things dry out and the grass has a chance to come in well.

G took the opportunity to inform J that he was down to the last few grass rounds, and since she's complaining about quality, etc., she could just find her own hay this time.

So I did some calling and managed to line up some really lovely small squares. T and I picked up the first load Sunday. (Can I say I've very seldom been happier for 4 wheel drive? The roads were awful!)
Mostly unloaded

It's currently stacked nice and dry in the garage since it was too muddy to unload and transfer easily into the barn.
I will be ever so happy
to be DONE

with all of this drama!

In other news - it must be spring - the turkeys are back.
A whole mess of toms - not sure where the hens are, but the guys are waiting!


BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Oh how frustrating!!

Done with the hay drama as in soon there will be grass and you won't have to feed hay or as in your moving Sunny out?

SunnySD said...

Both - lol! As soon as grass is in that will solve the problem temporarily, and if at all possible, Sunny will be somewhere else before next winter. It's just getting to be way too much of a hassle.