Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Quiet night

Last night was gorgeous. I wish I'd though to grab the camera from the truck earlier, but didn't have it when they were all (including the cat playing tag with the dog) looking cute and photogenic. By the time I fetched it the ponies were all ears deep in the hay bunks, the cat was back to barn duty, and the dog was rolling on part of a dead, flat, dried-up snake she'd dragged over from the sheep bale. So not cute!

So you're spared the gratuitous "Awws" this a.m. :)

I did go back up and grab the camera to catch a couple quick shots of Thunder's scrapes from his run-in with the fence Sunday evening. As I'd suspected he'd be, he's a bit puffy where he dragged his leg across the sucker rod, but he's certainly not favoring it at all.

(Pardon the mud!)

As you can see, a bit swollen, but no lumps, bumps or punctures. Both legs were about the same temp; warm, since he'd been standing in the sunshine. He didn't object to my feeling it or flexing it in various directions at the hock or the fetlock, and he didn't mind standing on it while I did the same to the other leg. So... bruised, but nothing too terrible, thank goodness. I'll keep an eye on him, and maybe apply some liniment the next few nights.


Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

Bad Thunder for having a run in with a fence... Less did that last week too! We cold hosed it several times and gave him some ABs bc there was heat in his leg...he's good now.
I am so GLAD that neither Peanut nor Limo roll around on dead things! And it surprises me that Limo doesn't- she seems like that type and once brought us a deer skull! But so far no rolling on dead things!:-) next time don't forget your camera, we love awww moments!

Pony Girl said...

My horse had a similar superficial injury a year ago and wow, his leg swelled up like a tree trunk! Really freaked me out. But the vet said it was a normal reaction to trauma to tissue and some light handwalking and bute helped a lot. It's amazing how sensitive the legs are. I am just glad Thunder didn't have any serious injuries!