Saturday, February 7, 2009

24 down, 8 to go

Mark zipped through 6 horses this morning before heading off for his tax appointment. The ponies were mostly good, which I expect, but which doesn't always happen. Inevitably one of them is a snot, and quite often which one surprises me. Thunder was polite - he snorted a couple of times, but from a horse who was a quivering, snorting, scaredy-cat he's come a looonng way, baby.

Mark said these lesion-looking things...

(pre-trim pictures taken a week or so ago)
on Foxy's feet are places where little abcesses(!) have grown out. They likely blew out at the hairline, and have been growing down as her hooves grow.

She has four of them. One on her left front, two on her left rear, and another one on her right rear. All at the same level - the one on the left front is the largest.
She was never lame or hesitant to move around past few months that I can recall. Of course, she's the one who gets chased - so being hesitant to move wouldn't have served her very well. And it's tough to be lame on three feet at once. Makes it difficult to pick which one to favor, and if she was ouchy, would have made it harder to catch - at least that's what he said.

The good thing is, she's sound now. I just wish I knew what caused multiple abcesses in the first place.

He'll be back hopefully tomorrow morning to catch the last two horses, schedule permitting.


Mikey said...

How very interesting that there are 4 of them all at the same level. No telling what happened, and you know some horses, they don't even flinch. Some horses would lay down and not get up. Each horse is different.
Neat post though. It looks very cold there!!

SunnySD said...

I'm guessing four at once is fairly unusual? That she'd have one and not show any sign of it..., but four? I'm still trying to figure out if there were indications that I missed. Can't find any notes in my planner that I was keeping an eye on her for being "off" looking, either. Hopefully, it won't happen again, or if it does, it will resolve as successfully.

buckpony said...

That is wild that she popped so many at one time. My horses get gravels on occasion, where a bit of sand works it way up through the hoof and pops out at the coronary band. But they've never had multiples like this poor girl! She must be one tough cookie - mine usually hobble around and need soaking for relief. Don't feel bad! If she had shown signs of pain, you would have been on it!