Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday update

Well, this has been a super-busy, nut-so week work wise, which may be why I haven't had the energy to do more than check on what everybody out there in blog-land has been up to.

The horses are settling in to shedding mode, which means I finish feeding coated in sticky, prickly, horse hair. (Note to self - must remember to segregate horse-feeding clothing from work clothing, especially sweaters. Horse hair is ITCHY! LOL)

Wacky SD weather, as per usual - we had 50' yesterday, and tomorrow's high will be 18' with snow. No idea what the weekend will bring. But I could sure tell that there was something moving in Monday night - Sunny was doing a lone rodeo horse act, hopping and crow-hopping all by himself (as opposed to just chasing the rest of them), and the others were just plain squirrelly. So were the calves, for that matter - butting heads & careening off the sucker bars and over the muck heap. Last night in the heatwave they were ALL much more polite & laidback.

Had an invitation to work cows (maybe) on Sunday, which I'm debating. We'll see how the weather is and whether I have time to ride at all on Saturday. Courageous of me, isn't it? But if we're going to be dealing with an all day thing, knee-deep mud, and/or below zero temps, I'm out. I haven't been riding since last fall, and Sunny's activity for the last three months has consisted mainly of eating & sleeping. Wouldn't be kind to either of us, I don't think.

Anyway, that's the news (or not) for the week thus far. Happy riding, everyone!

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Callie said...

We're in the same boat here in Wisconsin as far as weather goes, of course you send it our way, LOL!