Monday, February 9, 2009

More weather

Well, thankfully, the freezing rain seems to have missed us. Other than the few spatters that were hitting my windshield last night on the way to work, that is. And that amount is tolerable.

According to the Weather Channel it's currently 42'. It's drizzly, but not pouring and not freezing, which is not great, but at least better than falling ice if not quite a good as snow, or better yet, nothing falling from the sky.

And I just realized something...
I've become my mother.

Or at least I'm creeping in that direction. She always seems to know what the weather is, was, and will be doing. In all the states in which we have relatives. Calling her is quite often much quicker than waiting for the Weather Channel to cycle around to local. It's kind of cool in a scary sort of way.

Of course, with one weather maven in the family, it's only fair that we also have those who pay little attention beyond acknowledging that weather exists. My father, who worked out sorts of weather for years and years? "Weather's what it's doing outside. When I'm outside, I'll worry about it." His weather forecast tool of choice? The Weather Rock.

But the horses ARE outside in the weather, and I do worry about them.

My husband? "The horses have survived many, many winters outside. They're healthy, well-insulated with fur & fat, and they have plenty of food, water, and a wind-break. They're FINE."
All of which is true.

Today's forecast?
High 46F.
Winds SE at 15 to 25 mph.
Chance of rain 80%.
Rainfall around
a quarter of an inch.

Yep. I'm becoming my mother.


buckpony said...

This post made me laugh out load! Growing up, I couldn't stand the Weather Channel and would compalin when my parents had it on. Now I live by it! I drive my hubby nuts because I always have the Weather Channel on when I fold clothes or sit at the computer...I just love hearing what is going on weather-wise here and across the country! :)
I have always relied on my Mom for the most current and accurate weather forecast - she still calls when the weather is going to be extremely cold or if severe weather is approaching.
Thank goodness for our Moms and it looks like we are learning well from them! :) Oh, and my oldest is always checking out the Weather Channel, so it looks like he is catching on, too...

Anonymous said...

Yep, i could never understand why my mom wanted to see the news and the weather when i would rather watch cartoons or Mr Ed. Of course, we only had 2 channels to watch on the TV.

SunnySD said...

Moms are great, aren't they :) Buckpony, you're corrupting that poor boy kind of young - (Grin)

SMR, I hear you on the two channels! We had CBS out of Green Bay, WI, and occasionally PBS. On a 16" black & white TV. Is it any wonder we didn't watch much television, LOL!