Thursday, February 19, 2009

Contented, Cute, and a Mabel in the box

Today was chilly, but quite lovely otherwise. After lots of errands, I collected T at work and we headed for the farm so he could get a new bale moved in. Afternoons are naptime in the farmyard, so everything was pretty quiet. The horses were contentedly munching away, post-bale moving...and small heaps of sun-tired lambs were collapsed in their tracks in random locations elsewhere.

Everything's better with a daily dose of cute :-)

This one was obviously a supplemented-by-bottle lamb, because it kept attaching itself to T's pant leg.
Kitty cat was NOT thrilled
about sharing his new-found person.

And if that isn't enough cute for you, guess who decided that empty laundry hampers are perfect hiding spots.

Like an ostrich with its head in the sand, she seems to think we can't see her when she's in one, and will spend inordinate amounts of time lying in wait for poor Snowball - who knows perfectly well where she is, and avoids passing directly past her. Silly cats!

(No, we don't ordinarily keep laundry hampers - even empty ones - in the living room, but in this case, it's just plain entertaining! LOL!)


Mikey said...

Those lambs are adorable!!

Mrs Mom said...

Yep, that daily cuteness was needed here ;) Thanks for sharing those- they were too adorable. Mable seems like my kind of girl too!