Sunday, February 1, 2009

Weekend update

Wow - 57' on Saturday. Absolutely fantastic (except for the giant puddles). We weight-taped & wormed all the horses (AnthelcideEQ) and T got a new bale moved in. I didn't want to ride in the slippery mud, or get Sunny all warm after worming him. But it was a gorgeous day.

Today I worked on trying to make sure that the melted puddles wouldn't freeze into solid sheets of ice. Judicious application of melted clods of horse manure, which will at least provide some traction once things freeze again.

It wasn't nearly as nice Sunday - sunny still, but brisk, with a north wind that wouldn't quit. As I left the farm this was moving in...All in all, it was a relatively unexciting weekend.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Great weather. i am amazed to look at the snow and ice in some of the blogs i follow. Our winter is essentially over about now, usually. We may have a short winter blast in Feb - early March, but have mild weather otherwise. Palomino girl will start riding the boys soon and it is so much easier to get around w/o all the snow/ice. Spring is around the corner.

SunnySD said...

I wish winter really was over - we can get bad stuff pretty late into the spring. But you certainly won't see me complaining if spring does decide to arrive early!

Callie said...

Beautiful pics! I wish we would melt a bit here! Although I do not look forward to clearing mounds of crap and mud, but that's life!

Anonymous said...

57... wow ... heat wave !!!
gp in montana grateful to get on her arabian in a toasty 40 degrees

SunnySD said...

Thanks, Callie!

Manker - it was lovely but short-lived. -2 tonight as I fed. Brrr!