Friday, February 13, 2009

And more of the same

It's about this time of year
that winter always starts to seem very long.

We've had a January/February thaw. Mud has set in (and thawed & set up again) as the snow has dwindled. The horses are starting to shed just a bit - I keep telling them it's too early to be losing coat yet, but they aren't listening.

The days are getting longer
and a tiny bit warmer.

Yesterday the sun was out, and I so wanted to ride. But the ground is still slick, Sunny was filthy, and there's so much else to be done.
Maybe this weekend.

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Tammy said...

Stumbled across your blog tonight -- I'm in Nebraska and can so relate to the weather woes. Seems like that is all I blog about anymore. How could it be 60 last week & -2 when I got up today with 6" of snow on the ground?