Tuesday, February 3, 2009

All present and accounted for!

All was well tonight with Thunder and the rest. A huge relief!

He was back to his perky, bright-eyed self, and headed right down to the hay to dive in after his grain.

NONE of them are as excited about this bale - it's a lot stemmier than the last few, and they're picking through it pretty thoroughly, leaving a fair amount. Which is fine - the calves are getting what the horses push aside, and are making a nice nest of it. (I kid you not - where I've dumped the hay over the fence it looks like a giant, rather messy, bird's been nesting!)

Now I'm going to go sit quietly and stare at something that's not pixelated for a while - it's been a very long day at work.

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Mrs Mom said...

WHOOOHOOO!!! Glad all is well out there for you!