Saturday, May 2, 2009

Derby Day - Are you watching?

I'm a racing fan... Well, maybe I'm Easter-Catholic racing fan. I like watching the Derby, but along with most of America, horse racing doesn't hit my radar most of the rest of the year unless FHOTD has a spot on OTTB rescue.

My uncle worked on the race track exercising horses and grooming for a while after high school/during college. My mom had a OTTB when I was little that had bowed a tendon on the track. That's about as close to the racing industry as we get. But for one Saturday in May, we, along with several hundred thousand other Americans, tune in and join the magic. (This year even Barbie is going.)

My family has a Derby day tradition - sometime before post, phones start ringing: "What horse did you pick?" "I'm taking the gray one - no, the other gray one." Someone almost always calls the gray one, regardless of the odds.

There's nothing riding on the outcome except bragging rights. The winner gets to do a bit of gloating - and usually does.

So I'll be tuned in to the television this afternoon, fingers crossed that this year's Triple Crown gets off to a good start, tragedy-free.

With Iwant Revenge scratched this morning due to an ankle injury, Dunkirk looks good, but the distance may be a factor. There are some other strong contenders in there, as well, Friesan Fire and Pioneer of the Nile, for two. What's Derby hype, and what's true? I guess we'll all find out together a few hours from now.

So, are you a Derby race fan? Who's your pick to take the roses home?

As for me, I'm off to do my Derby day research!


BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

LOVE the Derby. I don't have a pick this year. I seem to have missed out on hearing about the who's who.

I'm really hoping the HS rodeo I have to time at today is over by Derby time. It usually is.

Stephanie said...

I love the Derby!! I am also a fair weather racing fan, I do like to go to the track once or twice a year to watch. But... I don't follow it like some people do.

I am picking Friesan Fire or maybe even Papa Clem.

Don't forget your mint julep!