Friday, May 29, 2009

A quiet night

To change it up some, I rode in one of the bigger pastures tonight - a little more space, and something different to see. Lots of walk and trot and bending. Usually Sunny's really good clockwise, but tonight he was extremely hollow - to the point of tipping his nose to the outside. Counter-clockwise, which is usually the stiffer of his sides, was about normal, although stellar compared to going right.

Not sure what was up, but we circled, large and small, spirals, etc. and worked on bending until he was giving his nose. I suppose he could have been stiff from the unaccustomed long trotting he did yesterday....

In any case, about 45 minutes. Pudgy actually broke a (very) light sweat. He can't be working too hard, he's still hanging out to get all his itchy spots scratched after I unsaddle.

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