Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday already?

Wow. Well, this week has flown by. Last night we opened a new field for the horses, and spent the next couple hours getting a wire added to another of the fences the deer took down, and a gate run across. Now hopefully the electricity will keep them out of trouble. The deer and the horses!

They were wild and crazy on Tuesday night. All sorts of racing around tails flagged. I had Sunny out, and my hands full with him, so no opportunities for pictures. I think at least four of the mares are in heat, which makes for a whole lot of hormones going on. Amyra was definitely in - T gave me a leg up on her and we walked a few loops. Lots of room for progress there, but at least I don't think we lost any ground over the winter.

Other than that, not much news.

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Kate said...

Those mares in heat - the ladies do get distracted! I have 3 mares, so I know what you mean!