Sunday, May 10, 2009

Weekend Update

Well, it was a non-horse weekend all the way around, so if you want horsey-news, the horses are now in the north pasture. I haven't been out to see them yet, though.

I did go out Friday a.m. to ride, but the sprinkles that were decorating my windshield as I left the house turned into this

by the time I pulled in.

Torrential downpour - not pleasant for riding in. I watched the horses tear around the pasture trying to avoid getting wet for a while, but after 15 unproductive minutes of waiting, the rain slowed down and pretty much settled in. Guess I should have checked the radar picture on the Weather Channel first.

Got back to the house to find Mabel complaining - somehow it was my fault that she refused to come back in when I called her before I left.

After lunch it was time to pack. T did the horse checking (and reported in), because I took a flying trip to Illinois this weekend with a friend to visit her aunt. 20 hours in a car was lots of time to drool over all the pretty farms and fields we saw out the windows. Everything looks so spring-time fresh and softly green. And there were these - a whole farm of them, and the way the road hooked around it looked as if we were going to drive right into one. Pretty neat, really.

So tonight it's laundry, and tomorrow I'm packing for a week with the folks in MI. I'm hoping I can squeeze a ride in before I head out, though. And I arranged to ride/take a lesson with an old friend while I'm there, so I should have some horse news.

That's all for now - must go catch up with what all of you have been up to! :)


Jan Mader said...

Love your blog. I clicker trained my horse to do all kinds of tricks...backfires on me sometimes!

I'd love to have you come visit my new animal blog at

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I'm a children's author and love horses...actually all animals.

Kate said...

Like the photo of the wet cat - very funny! :) Hope you get at least one ride in.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Did you hear they are going to put up a wind "farm" around Watertown? Might as well harness some of what we have plenty of-LOL.

I love road trips this time of year. You are right about everything looking so soft and fresh. Have fun at the parents! Can't wait to hear all about it.

SunnySD said...

Welcome new readers! Always glad to see new faces popping in, and I'm glad you're enjoying what you find.

BECG, I hadn't heard that about the windfarm near Watertown, but given that I couldn't keep the clothes on the line today and kept having to chase them down in the neighbor's yard, well, I'd say they have a winning plan there!