Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend update

Gorgeous weekend. Too nice not to be riding, but did I get any ear-time? No... But I did get the horses all vaccinated. The 4-way finally came in. I got the raincheck call this morning. A little late, as I'd already picked the vaccine up and given the shots - such timing.

Vaccinations were an unqualified success - I didn't expect much fussing really, since all of them are pretty good about shots. Even Thunder, whose reaction to anything that even resembled a needle used to be to skitter madly in the other direction, barely flicked an ear when I poked him.

It probably helped that it was a nice sunny day with no wind, but even so... J and I just walked out and caught them one at a time. Sunny persisted in thinking there was something pleasant going on that he was missing, even after he got his shot. Silly boy!

This week I have to get serious about riding time. Now that I'm officially done with work - I spent Saturday clearing my office - I'm hoping the weather will cooperate and Sunny and I can get some miles in. This morning would have been perfect, except I spent it at the dentist getting a filling. Bleh.... And right at the moment it's pouring.

So I guess I get to do laundry. Such fun!


Kate said...

I just came across your blog and was interested to see that you had questions about Mark Rashid. I and my daughters have had the opportunity to ride in a number of Mark's clinics, including taking three of our horses to two week-longs in Colorado. The book you read is one of Mark's oldest - there are several others as well as some excellent videos. You're right - he's not into gear! I can't say enough good things about Mark and his methods with people and horses - although I had ridden for many years I felt as if I was starting from scratch in learning how to really achieve what I wanted with horses by learning to be as consistent and clear as possible and really paying attention to what the horse offers up. I've seen him do amazing things. I'm hoping to audit a few of his clinics in my area over the summer. That said, using Mark's ways is very hard - there are no shortcuts and there isn't a "program" - you have to work things out, and it takes real effort to change your ways and really, really pay attention to what you are (intentionally or unintentionally) asking your horse to do and what the horse's response is. Feel free to email me at if you have questions I can answer.

Callie said...

I've had to give all of mine in a series, because my girls react to them if I wallop them all at once. I have one more set to go, next Monday, I'll do it. Worried, though because it's the West Nile and that usually makes them a little ill. Dreading it. Glad yours al behaved. Mine usually do too. I distract them, LOL, hibs stands there with a hand full of treats and I tap them on the neck before I give the shot.

SunnySD said...

Hi Kate, thanks for stopping by, and for the comments on Mark Rashid. I've read a couple of his other books, and I've been consistently impressed by his ideas. I'm glad to hear that in person he's still a proponent of doing things the right way, rather than the easy way. Wish I was closer so I could audit those clinics!

Callie, the vet laughed at me last year when I told him I gave the horses their west nile and 4-way vaccinations a week apart. But I want to know when I give them a shot what they had a reaction to if the had one. I've never noticed that any of horses react to anything, but there's always a first time! Hope your girls aren't under the weather for long!