Tuesday, May 26, 2009


No riding yesterday - I dawdled too long, and the thunderstorms moved in. Although I did run out and ended up with some nifty video of the horses silhouetted against the sky. Actually, I hung out down by the tree grove for about 20 minutes getting rained on, because once I was down there I didn't want to walk back up and over the hill - lots of thunder & lightening right overhead...

I scooted back to the truck super quick when the first cell moved off, and good thing, too - the next one didn't just patter down gently - the sky opened up and dropped a small lake! I drove back to town about 20 miles an hour, with the wipers on full.

So, let's see - I don't think I mentioned that while I was gone T bumped into a friend of ours who lives down the road not far from the farm - the guy who started Sunny for me. We're wanting to have Amyra started a little more formally sometime soon, and I wouldn't mind having D do it. Instead, he tried to sell T a horse.

Actually, it's not entirely a bad idea - this is apparently a steady-Eddie not-t00-big, not-too-small grade gelding. Very gentle, lots of trail miles, good with kids. From the sounds of him exactly what we were looking for a couple of years ago. Sigh.

And T likes the idea - it would mean he could ride with me right away. We'll see. If negotiations get serious, I'll get pictures.


Stephanie said...

Love how the herd moves together in the video clips! Makes for a cool picture with them silhouetted against those storm clouds.

Kate said...

Love your photos - horses and sky! How beautiful!