Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Today is a do-over

Yesterday did not happen. And you can quote me on that.

Should have known that back to back travel plans were a bad idea. But I really thought I'd manage to get everything I needed to get done accomplished. Not so.

And after a hectic day of not-quite done laundry, an abortive shopping excursion, and lots of other headaches, and a husband annoyed about goings on at work (they're interviewing for a newly open position in his department, and it's going in an interesting direction), I was ready to crawl back in bed and start the day over.

Instead, I waited for T to finish his "dinner with candidate" at 7 pm, because I really wanted to ride, and he'd promised to tape me. Well, the horses were pleased to see me, which was nice, but they were also bouncing around and twitchy. Amazing how you can always tell watching them when there's some sort of front moving in.

Sunny was quiet enough, though. But then there was a nice little debate over whether or not the pasture I wanted to ride in had been sprayed yet - really didn't want to ride on top of new Roundup - and it devolved from there. I was so not in a good riding frame of mind by the time we got done examining weeds and discussing alternatives.

So I unsaddled, Sunny got a cookie for being patient, and he got to go back out with his mates. T went asparagus hunting.

When I got home I still had to pack, and by that point I'd acquired T's headache. It all called for a good night's sleep, which I might have had, but Mabel decided to be affectionate....

At any rate, I'm doing yesterday over today, and so far it's going much better. Laundry is drying, I managed to get some housecleaning done, and I actually have a plan for supper. Now we'll see if the riding goes better. Will leave for MI in the a.m. one way or the other, though!

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Kate said...

Sound like Sunny got the best day of all - with treats!