Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday - No bull? No, BIG bull!

The new neighbor
And yes, he is as massive as he looks!

After some more thought, I decided to switch back to my favorite western saddle tonight. I was hoping maybe Sunny's grown up and filled out enough since I last tried it on him that it would fit a bit better.
Doesn't he look just thrilled?

Luck was with me. When I unsaddled, lo and behold, a nice even sweat pattern. :) So now I know what I'll use next trail ride or cow-moving opportunity.

J's granddaughter was still there, so after I saddled and walked him around a little to make sure he was copacetic with his the different rig, I tossed her up and we walked some more. Tonight, no squeaking, and she remembered to kiss to him to ask him to move forward (kissing being more neutral than trying to explain "squeeze with your legs" at this point). I can listen for a kiss and he'll start walking when I do. But I wasn't sure what he'd do if she decided to really dig her heels in.

After her ride, she and J were off for town for supper, so I had the field to myself without any small people underfoot to worry about. I went back for Sunny's bridle, and the mounting lesson from last night apparently stuck, because he was rock steady.

I'm not sure exactly how long I rode - we worked on some of the same stuff as yesterday, adding some spiral in/spiral outs and . He wanted to be done after half an hour, starting to pull for the gate, but other than that it was a good evening.


Mikey said...

That IS a big bull! Sunny looks wonderful western!

Anonymous said...

Love the bull! Your horse looks beautiful in his outfit - thanks for the pictures!