Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A good do-over day

At the (almost) end of the day, I'm glad I declared a do-over. Even dinner ended up being a semi-repeat. I tried making red-hot chicken bites last night, and H informed me they were okay, but soggy. Tonight I went a slightly different route, and seared them on the stove but let them finish in the oven. No turning required, evidently = crispy chicken. Who knew?

We tried the riding thing again tonight after supper, and although I bagged saddling, and just hopped on bareback with a halter, it was good.

A brief snippet

After I rode we fooled with the rest of the horses. I'll miss them this week so I wanted a good horse fix before I left. And I wanted some good shots to show the folks. Too, having read about Chase over on Less is More, maybe I wanted some time to just be grateful. Horses are so big and real, it's easy to forget just how fragile they are.

It's incredibly scary to watch a horse go down and get up hopping. The farm lost a yearling filly that way a couple of years ago. Out playing with her yearmates, one minute they were tearing around letting off steam, and the next she was rolling ears over teakettle. She came up with a broken leg. It's tragic and awful and scary to contemplate, and I'm so sorry to hear it's happened to someone else.

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Anonymous said...

I love your pictures - you and your horse both look happy. Unfortunately, I have personal experience of the fragility of horses - I lost a wonderful mare in 2001 to a fractured leg in turnout - I was there when it happened and I hope it's something I never have to experience again. We should be grateful, as you say, for every minute we get with our horses.